Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Movement in the Pasture

My story will be wordless, so I'm going to have to really work the poses and expressions of the characters. I look forward to really pushing the blocking on the frames.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicken Scratch

Doesn't look like much here but I'm about halfway done with layouts.  I'm aiming for 8 pages total ... give or take a page.  But yeah - it's moving, slowly, but moving nonetheless!

I've also gathered up some photo references as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Digger Jones: Terror of the Deadly Oasis.

Our hero, the famed scientist-hunter Digger Jones, is on the run from another miss-adventure while searching for the elusive forward-walking crab to add to his research collection.

The cannibal natives stop and will not follow Digger into this area of jungle.

Digger uses their fear this area to his advantage.

…but he has no choice as he is thirsty going without water for a day.

He knows he is heading straight to the Deadly Oasis.

Knowing the legends are based on something in fact, Digger to his dismay, finds skulls/bones on the path leading to the Oasis. Eventually Digger finds and recons the site carefully high up from a jungle tree.

It is a truly paradise of flowing water in small nature spring wells…

With one way in due is a narrow u-shaped area of the jagged stone cliff wall leading in and out.

There was with no signs of life typical to a watering hole -

…just deadly silent and dry skulls and bones are all about.

Fighting thirst through the hot jungle night, long hours are spent reconning the area in silence. He finally jumps down for his jungle tree perch heading to the water. Taking a slow long much-needed drink, Digger has a second to relax. A slight sound brings him back to full attention. The “Terror” is real.

A T-Rex crashes in through the growth. The oasis is his den.

Digger runs but quickly is trapped against the high wall of the rocks. “Why hunt when the food comes to you…” muses Digger Jones as he pulls his jungle knife and turns surveying his options.

T-Rex towers over Digger. It bends down to eye and enjoy the wonderful smell of another thirsty traveler. Easy meat.

Digger braces and jumps as the T-Rex’s head is still lowered. He stabs the knife deep with all his weight into the T-Rex’s left eye. Digger is thrusted up and over from the shrieking dino’s head which bolts suddenly upright in pain… Digger lands higher up the cliff wall ledge as planned.

However not high enough! He finds the large overhang prevents further escape. Digger keeps to the left (the now blind side) of the T-Rex’s mad thrashing head just out of reach below. The T-Rex will never stop its attack. Digger is momentary safe however he is trapped without supplies.

Saying “Oh what the hell…for Scotland and Mum!” Digger Jones, men of men,

jumps heroically off the edge with knife flying into the T-Rex below. (silhouette shot)


Snoring as the scene cuts to an old gentleman just falling sleep in a huge gothic estate reading room. He has a cocktail in hand. Two bored/skeptic kid from next door are sitting on the floor. They wanted the ball that was kicked over the fence, but were side-tracked by his odd ramblings before they could go home.

The old man snores as they explore the room on their way out. They find a few photos on the mantle among the hundreds filled the huge walls in-between the rustic books and strange artifacts. Shocked look from the both kids.

The scene ends with the close up of the old B & W photo:

Digger Jones posed with one foot on his kill (T-Rex.) surrounded by happy cannibals.

And over the photo is a jungle knife hanging displayed on the wall.


In the voice-over character narrative:

Think of a mix: James Mason – The 60’s cartoon “Commander McBragg” and the Dos Equis man.

The thumbnails shown is how I work: small and cryptic pages. 6 are planned for now. As the layouts go full scale, more refinements to story and camera angles will follow.

Fun stuff. ;)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Storyboard Thumbs!

Hey all, checking in with a progress/process update. In working on my story I've made some changes since the initial idea posting. I've gone through a number of story outline variations and now have moved on to roughing out the story with a pinch more detail in rough storyboard form. With this exercise I'm not worrying about the layout of panels on pages just yet. I started by breaking up the outline into big scenes. Within each scene I drew thumbnails that begin to think about what the actual panels will need to communicate. I still have one more scene to finish, and then I'll read back over it and work out another quick set based on edits that I think need to happen.

I'm feeling a little bit behind schedule, but hopefully I'll still meet our May 28th script and thumbs deadline! How are you all doing?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quote of the Week

“Even talent is … indistinguishable, over the long run, from perseverance and lots of hard work.”

~David Bayles