Thursday, May 19, 2011

Storyboard Thumbs!

Hey all, checking in with a progress/process update. In working on my story I've made some changes since the initial idea posting. I've gone through a number of story outline variations and now have moved on to roughing out the story with a pinch more detail in rough storyboard form. With this exercise I'm not worrying about the layout of panels on pages just yet. I started by breaking up the outline into big scenes. Within each scene I drew thumbnails that begin to think about what the actual panels will need to communicate. I still have one more scene to finish, and then I'll read back over it and work out another quick set based on edits that I think need to happen.

I'm feeling a little bit behind schedule, but hopefully I'll still meet our May 28th script and thumbs deadline! How are you all doing?


  1. Love that first sequence, especially the dog's response to the fishless spear - very cool display of the connection between the two characters. Scene 1 shows a nice flow of storytelling. I also like the underwater panel showing the fish near his feet. Well done!