Sunday, January 22, 2012

Going for a look a little different that the John Solo project. (just to see what happens.)
Here is a inking/digital zip-a-tone test panel. Got a pipeline process now in play with my Pshop build files.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sketchbook drills prep for some of the pages.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Character Concept

Here is a character design for one of the antagonists. Chief of the "TigerMen of the BalliBalli Jungle!"

Yarns Exhibit

I'll post more information in the coming months, but the Yarns anthology will make its premiere at the University Union Gallery at Sac State this spring. The exhibit will run from April 23–May 18; reception May 2nd. More details to come. This will be a great launch for the work as all of the artists of the book are alumni of the Sac State graphic design program. Please look out for a flurry of posts as we make the big push to get our pub finished and ready for the show.

A few scrap floor pencils

Some pencils I did for a first run at my YARNS contribution around October-Novemberish. Unfortunately I had to draw these pages before I came to the conclusion that I didn't much care for the rest of the story, and decided to start over.

One of the challenges that I've set up for myself is that I want to continue this story into a mini-series, so this start to that story which will be in YARNS needs to do a few things for me.
  • It needs to set up the story that I have in mind, but haven't necessarily fleshed out yet.
  • Even though it will continue, it needs to have an end that makes sense in six pages.
  • It needs to be, and set the stage for the story that I want to tell.
In any case, I thought I'd share these scrap floor pencils. And, no they aren't actually on the floor.
- Mike