Monday, January 9, 2012

A few scrap floor pencils

Some pencils I did for a first run at my YARNS contribution around October-Novemberish. Unfortunately I had to draw these pages before I came to the conclusion that I didn't much care for the rest of the story, and decided to start over.

One of the challenges that I've set up for myself is that I want to continue this story into a mini-series, so this start to that story which will be in YARNS needs to do a few things for me.
  • It needs to set up the story that I have in mind, but haven't necessarily fleshed out yet.
  • Even though it will continue, it needs to have an end that makes sense in six pages.
  • It needs to be, and set the stage for the story that I want to tell.
In any case, I thought I'd share these scrap floor pencils. And, no they aren't actually on the floor.
- Mike