Monday, June 20, 2011

thumbs for black horse brown cow

Here are the thumbs for my horse and cow story. I'm calling it Alienated:

Spread 1: Opening splash with intertwined wildflowers in extreme foreground. Title on opposite page.

Spread 2: Horse eats flower. Then series of shots that establish the cow and horse's inseparable relationship over many seasons. Cars pass in the foreground. Passage of time concludes with an abrupt black frame.

Spread 3: Panoramic spread of horse and cow apart. A van passes through the scene but screeches to a halt. The people in the vehicle are puzzled.

Spread 4: A family of three gets out of their van speculates about events which led to cow and horse's separation. The father theorizes there was a silly misunderstanding.

Spread 5 and 6: The mother speculates peer pressure from other livestock caused the break up. The son is much more inventive in his theory: He imagines that a spaceship has come down and terrorized the horse, abducted the cow, performed unspeakable experiments, etc. He speculates that the cow was later deposited back on to the meadow—but not quite the same.

Spread 7: The boy concludes his elaborate tale. After a brief group deadpan, the family erupts in laughter. They return back to their car and pull away.

Spread 8: The horse looks on as the van drives off. Camera pulls back. Final page splash shows the back of a shaken and alien-tagged cow.


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  1. I like it! Great tie in with the title and the story too.