Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm so excited...

...and I now have an 80's song stuck in my head. : /

So...quick question. I have been brainstorming on my story for YARNS 2 and was wondering if a genre crossover would be considered cheating?

My initial concept is about an orphan boy (14-15ish) who is searching for something/someone. The spin is that he's actually not from the Old West or even on Earth. He's part of the first round of earthling settlers on an alien planet being terraformed by said earthlings. The planet is similar to our 'High Desert' and actually already supports life, it just needs a little more user-friendly work. All of the attire, scenery, etc. will be Western-esque with little tweaks here and there for the whole "futuristic-alien-world-cowboys" thing.

And so I ask, is this okay? Or am I cheating by making this a western/sci-fi combo? I can always rework my storyline I would just rather do so now before I become too endeared to it.


  1. I think that if I could look at it and think, yep, that's a western, it might not matter that it mixes genres. I think that so long as the primary feel of it is western it would still fit into theme. Anyone else?

  2. I agree. Amanda Nichole (another alum who's possibly trying out for one of our spots) asked about a Western-Steampunk combo. And my response was identical to Mike's.

  3. Also, I too am so exited…ahh, now that song's stuck in my head!

  4. Heh, sorry Mike. ;)

    Thanks guys. Unless someone firmly objects, it's full steam forward.

  5. I think Mike's advice is good: if it primary feels like a western, you should be fine.

  6. And don't point that gun at me, Sister …

    … 'cause that would make you a Pointer Sister …

    (insert rimshot)

  7. ooh...that was bad, Mario. -_-;