Sunday, July 29, 2012

Digger Jones: Adventurer of Lost Worlds. back in his second installment, this time with his faithful sidekick Lucy the She-Ape in an all-new exciting adventure!

Digger recalls his close encounter of doom during his dangerous trek into the cold winter North!  Set in the 1890’s, the Yukon was booming with the gold rush and opportunity!  Yet in the mountains…rumor has it that there is something strange and evil afoot!
Digger and Lucy tread into the harsh blizzard terrain of an Alaskan frontier town...and find themselves heading straight into trouble!
Can our adventurer stay ahead of certain death? 
Who is the person being boring to death listening to Digger's re-telling of the story? 
Why is an Ape his sidekick? 
Is this a nightmare or a terrible reality?
Will the Man-Eating plant cut from issue #1 of Y.A.R.N.S. somehow miraculously make it into this issue?

Stay tuned for the exciting next chapter!


  1. Sounds like an adventure. Can't wait to see it Mark. I think you need some plushies of Lucy at our next comic signing. ;)