Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terran Spark doodles


Just a few sketches I worked on for my Western YARNS story and completely forgot to upload.

This one's a workie sketch...oops. Ah well, inspiration strikes in odd spots. I was trying out outfits for Spark and Ule's head configuration.

This one is Spark's sister, Stella. Not 100% satisfied, but playing around with old fashioned attire, and space-age flare.

I decided to make Spark a little older than I originally had him. So, now instead of the 13/14 year-old, he's around 16/17.

Lastly, one of the Terrayx that folks use to get around on Vita. Think of it like a mix between a Titanis walleri (or Terror Bird) and a Pachycephalosaurus, with the disposition and fortitude of an Arabian horse. Odd combination, I know... O_o

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