Saturday, April 16, 2011

White Lady

Hello all. The story I'm developing is based on the White Lady stories I've been told as a kid by my older cousins who were born in the Philippines. After some research, it seems many cultures have stories based on the "White Lady." An excerpt from Wikipedia, "White Ladies are popular ghost story topics in the Philippines. Along with other Philippine mythological creatures and ghostly beings like the Manananggal, Tiyanak, Kapre and Wak-Wak, White Ladies are often used as subjects that tend to convey horror and mystery usually aimed at young children for storytelling purposes. Sightings of white ladies are common among folk from around the country, and usually every town and barrio has its own "White Lady" story to tell." I remember being super scared when they told of sightings and I can carry that over. I may be a little late on the next deadline, as I will be in Hawaii for a week, but it'll be on my mind...and so the process begins. Bwahahahahaha.

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