Friday, April 22, 2011

Noorius I was once called.

"Noorius I was once called." This is the title and the first line for my part of the anthology. It will focus on a side-character from a larger story I am developing about a warring angel inadvertently trapped in our modern-day world; and the repercussions her existence effect on modern society, media, religion, and politics, etc. But the short story of this side character, Noorius (a former warring angel living among humans on Earth), will take place in 1850's America. He reflects on his attempt to adapt and live as a human; even marrying and having a child. But unlike most humans, he can still clearly see through the dimensional barriers placed on Earth. He sees the other creatures, gargantuan and petite, that observe and swarm around the humans affecting their lives. Now human, he can do little but observe as well. In fact, a century of guilt and complacency has penetrated his heart and mind to the point where he has striven to simply find some measure of happiness on this Earth by trying to live as a human. Since he has lost all power to do what warring angels do, he has eventually found peace and contentment in the novelties of human life. But his complacency is challenged when he begins to see a dark figure, one of these other creatures, lingering around his young child.

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