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Friday, June 24, 2011

PIG - Storyboard

Hi guys, my name's Doug. I'm farther behind with my story than I wanted to be at this point but I've been working to catch up. I wanted to post my storyboard so you guys can see what I'm working on. The story has been changed many times but this is the latest iteration.

The story is kind of a psychological science fiction that takes place in the not to distance future. It is tentatively titled PIG and follows the story of a human test subject as he is subjected to the experiments of a cold, sadistic scientist. The tests center around the mind and body connection after death.

I'm envisioning this as a story that spans several chapters and this first chapter is about the death of the lead character. My hope for the series is that it will capture and hold the readers attention because of the questions it generates. Who are these characters? What is there connection? What are the experiments for? This first installment establishes the central characters and the dynamic of there relationship (scientist and test subject). If you want to check out the storyboard then just click the link below. Will post more soon.