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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello and a lil info on my story...

Hi Everyone!

For those who do not know me, I be called Orysia.
Coming in here a bit late, so I'll be playing a little catch up (forgive me!).

I am planning to take a classic Russian faery tale and give it my own kind of twist. Hopefully you've heard of the witch called Baba Yaga. Classically she's an old hag (well...she is) that either lures children into her clutches for munching or tricks lost girls into becoming her servants. After doing a little more research on her, I found that she also has been known as a guide and a representation of death/life, etc.

ANYWHO, my version will feature a witch named "Yaga" (don't even think to call her Baba) who guides the lost souls of children in modern-day society. The 'trick' is that she is a little less than altruistic in her intentions and to not be trusted. She encounters a child who becomes a bit wise to her tricks and eventually gets the upper hand on her.
I also plan to incorporate some other elements of the classic tale, such as the three horsemen and the chicken-legged house, but this is my start for now.
I have a few character sketches that I am moderately pleased with, so I will scan and post those soon. Still working on the script, but my goal is to have some thumbnails up for it next week.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rising of Reoled

Reoled is a futuristic warrior, who suddenly had to exist on the other side – on the enemy side – being forced to understand them. He goes through a series of awakenings, for example suddenly opens his eyes and he is in the middle of a battle (medieval style), fighting and killing his old best friend, who's face in agony gets planted on his memory; then his memory blanks off until the next awakening happens. His "mind" has been kidnapped and taken away on an unimaginable journey. I want to present a series of scenes 6 total that will move through the warrior's new persona's life cycle (re-birth to death). There is many ways in which I could approach this story (scenes of the future supported by scenes of the past) but due to a page limit, I want to concentrate on the short life the futuristic warrior gets to live, I want the reader to experience the world he is living in and the warrior's strive to make "peace" which is the only way to save his friends and family on the other side.